Interesting Aptonym and Name Links


• Visit the French and Italian classic internet versions of this page, demonstrating the universal nature of aptonyms.
• We invite you to read the article Why Mr. Storm Studies Weather, which discusses a theory of the origins of aptonyms.
• Here is another aptonym site: Like a Glove.
What's in a Name? is a web site well worth visiting.
• Somewhere, I found this List of Experts, but the names are made-up aptonyms, not genuine.

Other name sites

• I have started a List of Unusual Names that are real, but not aptonyms, following the example set by John Train.
• Carolyn Brown (née Heia) has provided a list of Intriguing Names, some of which belong to people she knows.
• Here is another list: The Worst Names of the Century.
• Roger Harris has contributed another List of Unusual Names that are real, but not aptonyms.
• A page devoted to medical practitioners.
• Ever wonder about the story behind the graffiti "Kilroy was here"?

Other word sites

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