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Tappe, Eddie

TB from Australia, writes "The Ballarat Courier 2007-03-16 reports on water (we are in drought): Goulburn Murray Water Diversions Assistant Manager is Eddie Tappe."

Tapper, Dr. Richard

In Toledo, Ohio, there is a urologist named Dr. Richard (Dick) Tapper. (TM) Here's a link to his details.

Teachworth, Ann

My name is Anne Teachworth and I teach worthwhile skills. I am the Director of the Gestalt Institute of New Orleans, New York, where I teach therapists the skills of couple counseling from selection to solution. I am the author of the book WHY WE PICK THE MATES WE DO which sells on Amazon.com and a couples counselor for 28 years, so I also teach the general public about good relationships. www.teachworth.com (AT)

Tensifier, Imogene

In the UK, RW reports that his colleague Imogene Tensifier works with infra-red optical instruments in E2V Technologies.

Tennant, Simon

The Chief Economic Advisor to the Housing Instute of Australia is Simon Tennant! Here's a news article: (GJO)

Tester, Mark

Mark Tester is a professor of plant physiology at the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics at the University of Adelaide. Part of his job is to do laboratory testing on plants! (GJO)

Tester, Marion

TP writes: "I used to work with a water sample analyst who went by the name of Marion Tester. As far as I know we still work for the same company but I haven'tseen her for a few years.

Theoret, Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie Theoret is a mathematics professor at Lyndon State College, Vermont, USA. Visit her personal page. (AL)

Thrower, William

WF tells us that William Thrower used to be an NFL quarterback.

Treadwell, Timothy

In the Toronto Globe and Mail, Saturday, June 2, 2001, the "Lunch with..." column featured the wilderness hiker and grizzly bear fancier Timothy Treadwell, who spends months on his own in the Alaskan wilds observing the beasts. Says the article: "Cohabiting with bears, of course, makes it difficult cohabiting with girlfriends. In 1997, he took one on the first half of the trip, but things did not work out. Now there is a new girlfriend in the picture, but Treadwell is pessimistic about his long-term prospects." Or possibly hers? (DC)

Treadwell, Dr.

Doctor Treadwell is the head of the pediatric orthopediac department of Vancouver General Hospital, and treated SM's son.

Trump, C. Edward

The American Contract Bridge League has a page of new Life Masters (people)who have accumulated enough points in tournaments) that includes C. Edward Trump, Nancy Hart, and William West. (The seats at the bridge table are denoted North, South, East, and West). Frank Stewart in his book Winning Defence for the Advancing Bridge Player claims to have had a partnership with a Steve Diamond. Also that he has played against a Mrs. Passmore and a man named Bidwell. (DH)

Vile and Vile

MT reports the Australian law firm of Vile and Vile.

Vile Municipal Waste Company

WF tells us that in Philadelphia, there is a trash hauling company that takes its name from its founder, the Vile Municipal Waste Co.

Valve, Henry

Henry Valve is an author and owns Henry Valves Ltd. (UK) which sells valves and accessories for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. (Valves and accessories for ammonia and industrial application, Melrose Park, Illinois, 1995) (ML)

Vowel, Dr. Faye

Dr. Faye Vowel, director of Emporia State writing laboratory, was the creator of a very successful writer's hot line, a Dial-a-Grammarian service for students and any one else needing information about correct usage. (Time Magazine, March 26, 1979) (AB)

Wackerman, Chad

Chad Wackerman is an acclaimed drummer: http://www.chadwackerman.com/ (GJO)

Watt, Dr. Muriel

Enthusiastic collector, GJO, found Dr. Muriel Watt, spokesperson for the Australian Photovoltaic Association.

Weatherhead, Elizabeth

Dr. Betsy Weatherhead is a climate researcher at NOAA, specializing in the monitoring of ultraviolet radiation. DC saw her present a paper entitled "Detecting Climate Change" at a recent international conference called Global Warming and the Next Ice Age, held in Halifax, NS

Weatherill, Richard

Richard Weatherill is the manager of the ClimateWatch Western Australia program, an initiative of EarthWatch. "ClimateWatch was developed to understand the effects climate change is having on our earth's natural processes. The first project of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, ClimateWatch will allow every Australian to be involved in collecting and recording data that will help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change." Hopefully ill weather WILL bring some good! (GJO)

Webb, Adrienne
Adrienne Webb is Senior Editor of Sympatico NetLife, "Helping Canadians to get more from the internet." One assumes that this is not a nom de plume, if that is the correct expression in this instance. In fact, NetLife assures us that it is her real name! (DC)

Webster, Cynthia

CG writes, "Cynthia Webster runs a website-based business selling music synthesizers, kits and components at http://www.cyndustries.com "Synth" is the common contraction of "synthesizer", as "Cynth" is of "Cynthia". Her site
could reasonably be called "Cynth Webster's synth website".

de Weever, Hilda

In Aylesford, Nova Scotia (in the Annapolis Valley between Halifax and Digby), there is a craft outlet called de Weever's Wovens, run by Hilda de Weever. (MT)

Whale, Emma

Emma **Whale**, much to the delight of prolific Aussie contributor, GJO, is a spokesperson for Sydney Water!

Winkler, Leah

Leah Winkler is a technologist at Nova Vision, a laser vision correction clinic at the Halifax Shopping Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (DC)

Younger, Dr.

JR writes to say "A block away from me is the Younger Facial Surgery Centre (the doctor's name is Dr. Younger).
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