Aptonyms S

Contributors' initials are included below, with their full names on the Contributors page.

Sade, Eric

GG regularly drives by the office of an endodontist, Dr. Eric Sade, and his wife's GP is Dr. Susan Au.

Scott, Melita
DC noticed a new espresso bar in his hometown, Dartmouth, NS, run by Melita Scott.

See, Dr. Wong

"There was an opthalmologist in Canberra in the 1970s called Dr. Wong See," reports TB.

Seed, John

GJO tells us about John Seed from the Rainforest Information Centre in Lismore, New South Wales. (www.rainforestinfo.org.au) A very apt name as seeds are what rainforests are all about!!! PS: John and I have met and become friends. :-)

Seed, Dr. Randolph

Dr. Randolph Seed was working in 1980 on a project on artificial insemination at the Reproduction and Fertility Clinic in Chicago. He was assisted by Dr. Richard Seed. (NY Times Magazine, July 20, 1980) (AB)

Senior, Jeff

The uncle of KS is a local policeman, Senior Constable Senior, in New South Wales, Australia.

Service, Shantel

TM writes, "I work at a Mervyn's retail store in West Valley City, Utah. The store manager's name there is Shantel Service. We've had some laughs over it so I thought I would share."

Seymour, Hugh

I have experienced much disbelief throughout my education about my father's name and his occupation: his name is Hugh Seymour, and he is an optometrist. (reprinted, with permission, from New Scientist Magazine, 25 July 1998.) (AB)

Shears, Sonia

Sonia Shears is a hair stylist at the Golden Clipper hair salon in Mic Mac Mall, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, who actually cut MT's hair and gave him her business card.

Shortt, Ernie

Thanks to EM for spotting a van in Trenton, Ontario with Ernie Shortt's Electrical Service on the side.


"I heard on the radio the other day that one of the NASA managers at Cape Canaveral is named Shuttleworth." (IF)

Sin, Cardinal Jaime

TB reports from Australia: "You can't beat Cardinal Sin of the Philippines, even more delicious when you see that his name is Cardinal J'aime Sin (sorry—that's Jaime—slip of the pen <grin>)."

Slaughter, Terry

SC would like to submit one from the town where he works, in which there is a dentist/maxofacial surgeon named Terry Slaughter.

Smiley, Dr. Samuel

Contributor DG writes "I work for an IT Company and we have a customer who works in the Dental Industry. His name is Dr. Samuel Smiley."

Smirk, Justin

Great name for Westpac Bank's senior economist is Justin **Smirk**. GJO explains, "I guess aptonym here is that one can imagine bankers smirking behind their customers' backs as they hope they don't realise that banks are in business for the benefit of their shareholders, NOT their retail customers."

Sosnowski, Alex

Although he probably does not pronounce it so-snow-ski, Adam Sosnowski is an Expert Senior meteorologist for accuweather.com.

Spark, Elly

An Australian Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster is Elly **Spark**. GJO says, "Watch out for lightning!!"

Spellings, Margaret

JB writes: "I was watching The Daily Show this week and he interviewed US federal secretary of education, Margaret Spellings."

Spiller, Dan

GJO heard about Dan Spiller, Director of Operations South East Queensland Water Grid Manager team, whilst listen to radio reports of the devastating floods in Queensland in January, 2011. Dan's previous role was the acting Executive Director of the Queensland Water Commission. He was the principal author of the South East Queensland Water Strategy and was directly responsible for policy and communications regarding the development and use of purified recycled water schemes in South East Queensland.

Spilman, Wayne

Wayne Spilman is a lubrication engineer and coordinates papers for the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. (DC)

Sprinkle, Larry

Larry Sprinkle is the meteorologist for a Charlotte, North Carolina TV station. (VEM)

Stiles, Sarah and David

Out in Victoria, B.C., Sarah and David Stiles are hairdressers (and also contributors). (SS)

Strike, Raymond

Raymond Strike is the President of the National Health and Welfare Worker's Union, part of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. DC saw his picture and name on a poster in his place of work, a government laboratory.

Stockwell, Phil

AP writes "I work in an independent school, Wellington College, in England. Our Catering Manager is called Phil Stockwell."

Sudds, Family

The Sudds family in Glenburnie, Ontario, Canada, was making a living by washing and cutting dog hair. (DI)