Aptonyms N–R

Contributors' initials are included below, with their full names on the Contributors page.

Nosce, Dr.

JS did not notice that his optometrist Dr. Luis V. Nosce had an aptonym until his friend BB pointed out that the Filipino name is pronounced somewhat like "No-see".

Nurse, Dr.

Dr. Nurse is a General Practitioner at the Woodlawn Medical Centre, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, (DC)

Nurse, Dr. Paul

TB has another great one: Paul Nurse was awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Ocean Hellman

DM writes "Not sure if this counts, but two of the actors/actresses in the [Canadian TV] series "Danger Bay" [about oceanography] were: Ocean Hellman, and Christopher Crabb.

Opinsky, Howard

New contributor JM found a Reuters news piece about Howard Opinsky, a Republican "operative" who ran media relations for a U.S. Presidential candidate in 2000.

Painter, Helen

Helen Painter studied marine biology at university and is now a Nova Scotian artist specializing in fishy subjects. (MT)

Payne & Fears

MP reports a law firm Payne&Fears in LA.

Payne, Tom

Tom Payne is a dentist in Johnstown, Ohio. (RS)

Peanis, Offa

I know you keep telling your readers that you've printed enough examples of nominative determinism and wish to move on, but I heard this on the Today programme this morning (28 July) and I need to share it. The piece was from Israel where it seems that there is a group of extremely orthodox Jews taking the practice of circumcision to unusual lengths by circumcising cadavers prior to burial. There is an opposing Israeli group who suggest that this is taking the custom a little too far. I take my hat off to the presenter who was quite unabashed interviewing the spokesman of this group, whose name was Offa Peanis. (reprinted, with permission, from New Scientist Magazine, 15 August 1998.) (AB)

Pisko, John

FT writes "I actually work with on of your aptonyms (George Bilios) and we both have dealings with a urologist aptly named Dr. John Pisko. It is interesting to see patients faces when you tell them who their specialist will be.

Plack, Dr. Les

GM reports that Dr. Les Plack is a dentist in the San Francisco Bay Are and is the official dentist for the San Francisco Giants.

Playfair, Jim

The winners of the 2001 Calder Cup finals of the American Hockey League are the St. John Flames, whose coach is Jim Playfair. (IF)

Plumb, Malcolm

Contributor AM2 writes that his family's plumber in Enfield, Middlesex, England is one Malcolm Plumb.

Popwell, Dr. Lee

DC3 reports a chiropractor in Greenville, South Carolina, named Dr. Popwell.

Profitt, Janine

Janine Profitt is a financial advisor with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. (DC)

Prose, Francine

Francine Prose is a writer. Her most recent book is Guided Tours of Hell, a pair of novellas. (NY Times Magazine Book Revue,
November 29th, 1998) (AB)

Quick, Lachlan
Victorian (Australia) State Emergency Service (SES) media spokesman is Lachlan Quick. Mr Quick's name is very appropraite as the SES is regularly required to respond to natural disasters with great haste. (GJO)

Quirk, Dr. K

Halifax contributor JP writes, "A favourite in our house is one I found quite by accident in the local phone book: Dr. K. Quirk, Psychiatrist. Someone in our family is always '...needing to see Dr. Quirk!' "

Raines, Dallas

AD reports that Dallas Raines is a popular TV weather reporter on ABC in LA.

Rizk, Sabrina

CH reports that there is a Public Servant in the "Risk, Integrity, and Strategic Management: unit named Sabrina Rizk.

Robb, Gary

TB from Australia, has a collection of aptonymic lawyers, the first of which is Gary Robb of Canberra, who is not far from Michael Lawless. In Sydney, there is a solicitor named Cashman and two others named Cheate and Steele.
She goes on to say "There is also a lawyer called Martin Sides and another called Gavin Back—if they could get together with someone (anyone!) called Short, they could be Short, Back, & Sides. (They could give you the short, back, & sides treatment and then take you to the cleaners, I suppose). "

Rush, Gary

Longtime Oz contributor TB tells us of Rapid Strategic Planning by Gary Rush of MGR Consulting, Barrington, IL.