Aptonyms I–M

Contributors' initials are included below, with their full names on the Contributors page.

Ichinose, Dr. Fumito

Contributor AK informs us that "according to the BBC News website sewer gas or hydrogen sulphide—which the BBC rather obviously informs us smells of rotten eggs—may help preserve organ function in critically ill patients according to Harvard scientist...Dr. Fumito Ichinose!

Illman, Doctor

CM tells us of some folks she has actually met: Dr. Illman - Bloomington Indiana hospital doctor in 1980s; Dr. Brain - Indiana University sociology professor in 1980s; Dr. Reason - University of Kent (England) social sciences professor in 1980s

Immelt, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Immelt is General Electric's CEO who was recently heard defending the nuclear industry's safety record. I suppose he'd be talking about the possibility of a meltdown. ;-) GJO

Innocente, Daniel
DC read in the Halifax Daily News: "Accused drug conspirator Daniel Innocente has spent so much time in court he doesn't need a state-appointed lawyer, a judge has ruled...Innocente is in jail, after his parole was revoked earlier this year on a 7-year sentence for another drug-trafficking conspiracy."

Jewell, Claire

In Kentville, Nova Scotia, Claire Jewell's first paid job was a clerk in Duguid's Jewelers. Her mother, Jean Jewell, was an antiques dealer with a certificate in gemology. Claire's uncle, Ron Jewell, lived on Diamond Lane, somewhere in England. (CJ)

Judge, Igor

Contributor TB writes "The new Head of the Criminal Justice in the UK is called Igor Judge.

Justice, Courtney

In Delphi, Indiana, LL says she has seen the office of an attorney named Courtney B. Justice.

Dr. Knapp

Dr. Knapp is an anesthesiologist. (Frank Nuessel, The Study of Names, Greenwood Press, 1992, p. 42) (AB)

Kickett, Senter, and Wing

Derek Kickett played for Essendon in the Australian Football League (which is a far superior game to Rugby League, or anything else for that matter). Also, there are two current players in the National Rugby League called Darren Senter and Craig Wing. Unfortunately, they don't play the correct positions! Senter is a forward and wing plays five-eighth. (MT )

Laidlaw, John

John Laidlaw was in 1998 a barrister in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. (SH)

Lake, Sam

From Australia, TB reports that Dr. Sam Lake is a freshwater ecologist in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Monash University.

Landsea, Chris

RS reports that Chris Landsea is a hurricane researcher with NOAA.

Larock, Jeff

IF reports a reference in the October 2001 issue of National Geographic to a park ranger at the Lava Beds
National Monument, named Jeff LaRock who (presumablt among other things) enjoyed exploring caves.
In the same issue: "...the nearby thermal area known as Bumpass Hell was named for Kendall Vanhook Bumpass,
an explorer and mountain man who fell into a boiling mud pot in 1865 and had to have his leg amputated."

Lawler, John

Mr John Lawler APM is a career law enforcement officer, currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), having previously served for 29 years with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) at the community policing, national and international levels. He has extensive experience in a wide range of law enforcement disciplines in Australia and overseas. (GJO)

Lawless, Ken

Ken Lawless is a police chief. (Frank Nuessel, The Study of Names, Greenwood Press, 1992, p. 42) (AB)

Learning, Dr. Deryl

Dr. Deryl Learning is flounder of the Academic Leadership Online Journal (TB)

Leatherman, Dick

Dick Leatherman is a volleyball teacher, coach and tournament organizer in San Diego, California. (PC)

Leek, van der

Out in Delta, British Columbia, LT reports seeing a truck belonging to the van der Leek Roofing Company.

Lenders, John

The new Treasurer of the state of Victoria in Australia is Mr. John Lenders, writes TB.

Little, Reed

DC2 drew my attention to the author Reed Little, who helped write "Documenting Software Architectures", a page-turner if there ever was one.

Lyon and Cook

Writes KB: "Up until the mid-nineties (?) there was an accounting firm in Bathurst, NB, called Lyon and Cook. I laugh when I think of them "lyin' to the tax department and cookin' the books".

Madoff, Bernard

American financier Bernard Madoff (pronounced 'made off') has been sentenced to 150 years behind bars by a New York court for masterminding a massive fraud that robbed investors of $65 billion. GJO comments, "He may have made off with the dough but justice eventually caught up with him".

Makepeace, Dr. James

Dr. James Makepeace, professor of sociology in 1987 at the college of St. Benedict at St. John's University in Minnessota, was a specialist in family violence. (The Gazette, Montréal, September 29, 1987) (AB)

Mallett, Dr. D. V.

KP found the chiropractor Dr. D. V. Mallett on LeMarchant Road, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Mann, Jessica Helen

Jessica Helen Mann was a very good student in anthropology at McGill University in Montréal. In June 1998, she graduated with honours in Anthropology and Religious Studies, and also made the Dean's Honour List. (CT)

Marine, Sally

UK contributor PW reports that Sally Marine was an administrator at the Southampton Oceanography Centre.

Mauve, Anton

IF discovered that the artist Vincent van Gogh originall made drawings, and was introduced to painting in colour by his artist cousin Anton Mauve. The full biography can be found here.

McAnally, Dr. James R.

Dr. James R. McAnally is a specialist in implant, cosmetic & restorative dentistry in Seattle. (Queen Anne/Magnolia News, Seattle, July 8, 1998) (LM)

McQuestion, Diana

Diana McQuestion heads the Meetings and Publications division of the Science and Technology Corporation, at their head office in Virginia. MT saw her name on a brochure advertising a scientific conference. Folks wanting more information were invited to contact her!

Miller, Dusty

Writes TB: "Dusty Miller is the name of the CFMEU representative (the main trade union in construction, forestry and forest products, mining and energy production) called in for negotiations to prevent the closure of a timber mill that went into receivership in Canberra this month. Dusty races dirt track sidecars when he gets a chance.

Moller, Dr. Michelle

CH noticed a dentist in the Halifax Yellow Pages named Dr. Michelle Moller.

Moneymaker, Chris

NP reminds us of the champion poker player Chris Moneymaker.

Moore, Rob

Regular contributor IF reports "We went to a wedding in Rothesay on the weekend. All over southern New Brunswick were huge campaign signs promoting "Rob Moore". Unfortunately, he was running for the Conservatives, not the Liberals." (Canada had a Federal election in June 2004, following a scandal involving dubious expenditure of tax revenue. The Liberals won, but were given only a minority government.)

Mosele, Sandra

Frequent contributor GJO found Sandra Mosele, General Manager and Winemaker for Kooyong and Port Phillip Estate, Australia.

Mudd, Dr. Gavin

Another Oz contributor, GJO, reports that Dr. Gavin Mudd is a representative of Monash University's Institute for Sustainable Water Resources, and commented on the radio about the water shortages in Sydney, Australia. Apparently, plans for a desalination plant have just been shelved and aquifers in the Southern Highlands have been mooted as a potential source of drinking water. We hope they do not end up with "muddy waters"! (a little blues joke)