Aptonyms E–H

Contributors' initials are included below, with their full names on the Contributors page.

Emenau, Dr.

Dr. Emenau was in 1998 a gastroenterologist in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. You can recognize an aptonym in this name if you change the order of letters "m" and "n". (SH)

Fang, Doctor Joyce

According to a Colgate TV ad, Brooke Shield's dentist is named Dr. Joyce Fang.

Feral, Priscilla

Multiple contributor RS came across Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals, a wild animal protection organization.

Fish, Frank E.

On the PBS documentary "Evolution", broadcast in September 2001, marine scientist Dr. Frank E. Fish described the swimming of (you guessed it) fish. His web page indicates that his interests are "...the study of the dynamics of locomotion in animals. His focus has been on the energetics and hydrodynamics of vertebrate swimming, with particular regard to propulsive modes and the evolution of aquatic mammals." (DC)

Fish, M.P.

In his study of sources of underwater noise, DC came across a paper by M.P. Fish of The University of Rhode Island, entitled "Biological Sources of Sustained Sea Noise," published in Marine Bio-Acoustics, Proceedings of a Symposium held at Binini, Bahamas, in April, 1963.

Fisher, Jonah

BBC reporter Jonah Fisher travelled aboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza to get the "inside scoop" on the Japanese whale hunt. (GJO)

Flower, Ted

Ted **Flower** is the president of the Hunter Valley branch of the Amateur Beekeepers' Association (ABA) of NSW. (GJO)

Fountain, Graham

Graham Fountain is the Victorian (Australia) Country Fire Authority Assistant Chief Fire Officer. It's good to know that when the fires are threatening we have a fountain to put them out! (GJO)

Freese, Walt

RS writes "I just read in the Wall Street Journal that the CEO of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is Walt Freese. Not bad."

Funnel, Bob

Bob Funnel is the owner of a beer and wine making outlet in Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (DC)

GAGE, Brett
GJO loves this one, Australian Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist is Brett Gage.

Garden, Alexander

Alexander Garden was an 18th-century Scottish botanist who named a flower, the gardenia, after himself. (BL)

Gates, Bill (yes THAT one!)

"In every personal computer worldwide, there are millions of transistor gates that electronically
preserve the patterns of 1's and 0's (e.g. the software) in the memory chips, which are read by millions
of additional transistor gates in the microprocessor chip that executes those patterns of 1's and 0's. (RD)

Gauss, Jeffery

Jeffery Gauss, distantly related to the famous mathematician, is a magnet artist. (JG)

Glaser, Morris

Morris Glaser was the founder of the Glaser Glass Company in 1921, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Company's motto: "Glaser by Name, Glazier by Trade." Source: Telephone Directory, New Bedford, MA, USA, March 2000. (KML)

Glaser, Morris (another one!)

If the first one was not good enough, VG submits the name of her grandfather, Morris Glaser, born in Kiev, the Ukraine, in 1900, lived most of his life in the Bronx, and passed away in Chicago in 2001, living to the ripe age of 101 years!

Goodness, Donald

Donald Goodness is the rector of the Church of the Ascension in New York City. (RS)

Goodpaster, Larry

The Rev. Larry Goodpasteris a bishop in the United Methodist Church.

Green, Michael
Global environmental expert Michael Green will be in Australia in March, 2011, speaking on climate change and the need for innovative solutions in areas like affordable housing as reported by online magazine, Architecture & Design. (GJO)

Green, Nathan

GJO delights in telling us that Nathan Green is an Australian professional golfer.

Hacker, Eric

" I am a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. On the application form, one must uphold a strict code of conduct. One of the questions was "Are you or have you ever been associated with hackers or hacking?" I had to fill out an explanation for that question." Eric Hacker, CISSP, GCIA, MCSE, CCSE, Network Security Architect, Major US Bank "Long gone are the days when one's surname referred to the role one had in the community." (EH)

Hack, Steve

GJO submits that on October 28, Today Tonight, on Australian Channel 7, interviewed butcher, Steve Hack, who said, "Aussies are catching on to the idea that mince doesn't always have to be beef" when discussing the best cut of meat.

Hackett, Mr.

The computer network coordinator at Bicentennial Junior High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is Mr. Hackett. (DC)

Haddock, Steven

Steven Haddock is a scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. It would be ideal if he studied fish, but in fact he is more interested in deep-sea gelatinous zooplankton, which I doubt would make a decent chowder. (MT)

Hammer, Peter

Peter Hammer is a hardware store clerk. (Frank Nuessel, The Study of Names, Greenwood Press, 1992, p. 42) (AB)

Handsaker, Perrete

In 1994, DC received a FAX from Perrete Handsaker, International Sales Coordinator for Celestron International, an telescope company. He though that the name should have been Pierrete Handshaker.

Handwerker, Doctor

MC reports, "There is a gynecologist on Long Island, NY, named Dr. Handwerker."

Hardman, Stewart

Our first contributor form Eastern Europe, HM, discovered that Stewart Hardman is the Director of the gay-oriented online gallery www.adonis-art.com.

Hayle, Gerry

My name is Geraldine Hayle, and I am a retired physician (UBC '55, FRCPC in anaesthesia). After my divorce, I got to choose my surname, which I decided to be a composite of my father's (Hay) and my stepfather's (Hall). Between a choice of Hayll and Hayle, I chose the latter, because it had a nice healthy sound and would be easier for people to use. Now if only I could get people to stop pronouncing it as "Haley"! (GH)

Heavens, Alan

TB heard about astronomer Dr. Alan Heavens on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation during the close approach of Mars in August 2003.

Hedges, John

AM reports from England: "My colleague Karl Sees from Shenfield, Essex, UK knows a trader in a London bank whose name is John Hedges."

Hemsworth and Hands

In Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada, (PG) taught in a junior high school with a Home Economics teacher named Mrs. Hemsworth and an Industrial Arts teacher named Mr. Hands.

Herring, Peter

At the Southampton Oceanography Centre in England, Peter Herring studies photoecology, which has to do with light-emitting organisms in the ocean. (PW)

Hitwell, Darren

In Newcastle, Australia, there is a boxer named Darren Hitwell; he is Australian Champion in his weight division. (MT)

House, Jeff #1

Jeff House is a real estate agent in California, GJO has discovered.

House, Jeff #2

Aussie, Jeff **House**, is Chief Executive Officer at ClubsACT. (Get it, Club House), GJO informs us.

House, Nita

Nita House is a real estate agent. (Frank Nuessel, The Study of Names, Greenwood Press, 1992, p.42) (AB)

Horn, Mr.

Mr. Horn is the band teacher at Fraser Heights Secondary School in Surrey, B.C. He teaches SM's daughter.