Aptonyms C–D

Contributors' initials are included below, with their full names on the Contributors page.

Cash, Iain

Iain Cash has been a cashier since 1992 in a Salvation Army officein Paris, France.(IC) [He is the only one to have his name at the same time in the English list and in the French list, for being English, working in Paris and carrying an aptonymic name.]

Cashman, Brian

The New York Yankees General Manager is named Brian Cashman, a fitting name for a team that typically has the highest (or second-highest) payroll of any Major League Baseball team (more than $100 million). He was profiled in the Montreal Gazette on Wednesday, October 31, 2001. (AB)

Cattle, Stephen

Associate professor Stephen **Cattle**, from the University of Sydney Faculty of Agriculture. (GJO)

Chalmers, Susan and Dr David
GJO reports that the Chalmers run hypnotherapy training courses amongst other alternative health treatments.

Champagne, Luscious

"Last week in the LA Times "California" section (I think it appeared on Thursday or Friday) there was a story about the program that takes drunk drivers to the county morgue to scare them. One of the participants was "Luscious Champagne" (NKC)

Chipman, Barry

Oz contributor GJO writes, "I've just confirmed the existence of Barry Chipman, the Tasmanian State Co-ordinator of the Australian timber industry funded front group, Timber Communities Australia. He was interviewed on Australia's ABC Radio National program, The World Today...Tasmania's forests are logged to make, among other things, wood chips!!!

Chopp, Richard

Dr. Richard (Dick) Chop was JB2's urologist in Austin Texas. Thankfully, he didn't have to!

Chui, Dr. Donald

Contibutor PC2 found this excellent advert for dentist Dr. Donald Chui.

Cock, Everrard

Nominative determinism (Finding a vocation to fit your name) doesn't always work: Everrard Cock is in fact a vet, not a sex worker! (He's listed in the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Directory of members.) (AM)

Cockburn, Alden

Contributor MK writes "A few years ago, I saw an advertisement for a local urologist who specialized in vasectomy reversals. His name is Dr. Alden Cockburn. I had to look this up in the phone book to make sure it was correct. I also found a website with a more recent article about Dr. Cockburn moving to Taos, New Mexico. The article insists the name is pronounced, 'co-burn'." [Hey, MK: here in Canada we have a great musician named Bruce Cockburm, and we procounce his name the same way as Alden does.]

Comfort, Samuel

Dr. Samuel Comfort, Dentist, has been comforting his patients for many years now, in the town of Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA. (AB)

Constable, Scott

According to LT, there is a police officer in Vancouver named Scott Constable, whom one presumably would address as "Constable Constable".

Courage, Trent

In Oakville, Ontario, Trent Courage and his brother are co-organizers of the annual New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim. (DC)

Court, Margaret

Australian contributor, GJO, remembers Margaret Court, a retired former World No. 1 tennis player from Australia. In 1970, she became the first woman during the open era and the second woman in history to win all four Grand Slam tournament singles titles in the same calendar year.

Cowburn, David

Sorry, but there is no easy way to put this. CRE Group's combustion labs have been looking into the problem of trying to dispose of our embarrassing mountain of bovine carcasses. (due to mad cow's disease) One suggested solution has been to dry and squash them into fuel pellets for industrial solid fuel boilers. Mad? Surely not, when the man in charge of their testing laboratory is none other than David Cowburn. (reprinted, with permission, from New Scientist Magazine, 25 July, 1998.) (AB)

Cull, Gerard

TM2 writes "I needed to have a tree removed from the front yard of our house and someone recommended "Razorback Tree Removals". The owner's name is Gerard Cull.

Current, A. and D.

TM reports that growing up in Tonogany, Ohio, he recalls an electrical appliance shop operated by the brothers A. and D. Current. I wonder if their middle initials were "C"?

Cutmore, Stephen

SO reports a tree surgeon in North Wales named Stephen Cutmore.

Daley, Paul

A national affairs editor for Aussie newspaper, The Bulletin. (GJO)

D'Eath, Doctor

When working in Britain I numbered among colleagues one surgeon D'Eath who worked with an anaesthetist called Coffin. In Jamaica my wife's hairdresser is Miss Baldy. (reprinted, with permission, from New Scientist Magazine, 25 July, 1998.) (EB)

D'Eath, Joel

This is a first for this lis: A paramedic named Joel D'Eath, from Toronto, Ontario, saw our list and contributed his own name. Welcome Joel!

Death, John

In 1989, John Death was the official spokeperson for the Australian Civil Aviation Authority, the agency which investigates plane crashes. (The Gazette, Montréal, April 18, 1989) (AB)

Death, Doctor

NM writes "I once worked with a doctor named Dr. Death. Not the most positive name for someone in his profession. I notice this phenomena a lot actually. Didn't know there was a special name."

De Cock, Dr. Kevin

Dr Kevin De Cock starts as the New HIV/AIDS Director at WHO. (RS)

Dent, Doctor

KP2 writes,"My dentist in the '60s was Dr. Dent, a dentist in the St. Louis, MO area. There is a chiropractor in Tacoma, WA, named Bonz."

Divine, Leonard

Leonard Divine is a rabbi. (Frank Nuessel, The Study of Names, Greenwood Press 1992, p. 42) (AB)

Dobson, J.A.W.

DC went to the same dentist, John Dobson, of Dartmouth Nova Scotia, for more then 20 years before realizing that his middle initials were A.W.

Doctor, Marcellene

Marcellene Doctor, dermatologist, Fall River, Massachusetts, USA. Source: Telephone Directory, New Bedford, MA, USA, March 2000. (KML)

Dollar, David

TB from Australia sends: "ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) Lateline programme on 2007-03-20 interviewed American David Dollar, the China Manager of the World Bank.

Dolittle Painting

TB from Australia reports several aptonymic businesses: Dolittle Painting, Sleep's Plumbing [don't get this one], and McLean's Cleaning Services.

Dollar, Creflo A.

While channel-surfing one Sunday morning, DC came across the TV evangelist Creflo A. Dollar. True to form, the show ended with the offer of various Christian goods and services available by credit card through a toll-free number

Dolphin, Professor William F.

Professor William F. Dolphin of Boston University is a researcher in animal bioacoustics, especially marine mammal sonar, and is a frequent presenter at the Animal Bioacoustics sessions at meetings of the Acoustical Society of America, where DC has heard him speak.

Doty, Dr. Kelly

Another anti-aptonym found by GJO is Dr Kelly **Doty**, Clinical Psychologist at Hana Community Health Center Hawaiian Island.

Drinkwater, Ken

MB writes: "Last year, as I was reading various documents concerning oceanography, I came across a list of articles published by a certain Mr. Ken Drinkwater, originally from Nova Scotia, researcher for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Through Google you may easily access a page devoted to his work."

Dunn, Will

RK tells us of a lawyer he encountered named Will Dunn in Greenville, South Carolina.

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