Aptonyms A–B

Contributors' initials are included below, with their full names on the Contributors page.

Aikenheads Pharmacy

BR reports that there is an Aikenheads Pharmacy in her home town.

Akers, Geoff

Frequent contributor GJO writes "Geoff Akers (pronounced "acres"), is a dairy farmer at Tallygaroopna, Northern Victoria, who was interviewed on Australia's ABC Radio National program about how one industry (the dairy sector ) might be changed forever by the drought which is currently ravaging Australia.

Albright, Scarlet

Contributor BC reports "In Toronto, and now apparently retired (or worse), there was an optometrist with shingle (hung proudly over the east side of Keele St. and just south of Dundas St. W.) by the name Scarlet Albright. Unfortunately the sign and business are now gone."

Allcock, Susan

We have just discovered that the reporter on BBC Radio 5 who covered the news about the possible cost of the anti-impotence drug Viagra to Britain's National Health service is called Susan Allcock. And that's not all. The spokeswoman for the US Food and Drug Administration for inquiries about the drug is called Janet Woodcock. (reprinted, with permission, from New Scientist Magazine. 25 July, 1998.) (AB)

Au, Dr.

SB had a dentist named Dr. Au (pronounced Ow).

Babey, Joseph C.

Joseph C. Babey is a pediatrician. (Frank Nuessel, The Studyof Names, Greenwood Press, 1992, p. 42) (AB)

Bagwell, John

My name is John Bagwell and I am an anesthesiologist. (JB)

Bagwell, Sheryle

Here's a good one folks. Business editor for ABC Radio is Sheryle ****Bagwell****. A great name for someone who's reporting on businesses as they try to bag a few dollars! :-) (GJO)

Ball, Harvey

Published in The Gazette, Montréal, Saturday, April 14, 2001: "Smiley Face designer dies" (Worcester, MA) Harvey R. Ball, inventor of the Smiley Face, died Thursday after a short illness. He was 79. Ball, who co-owned and advertising and public-relation firm in Worcester, designed the Smiley Face in 1963 to boost the morale of workers in two recently merged insurance companies. Ball was paid $45 for his artwork by State Mutual Life Assurance Co. of America —now Allamerica—in 1963. He never applied for a trademark or copyright. At his peak of popularity in 1971, more than 50 million Smiley Faces buttons where sold. In 1999, the U.S. Postal Services issued a smiley Face stamp. See http://elouai.com/smiley-history.php (AB)

Banks, Robin

"I currently work at DataCash, a company specialising in online credit cards transactions. You'd think an attempted fraud would cross our desks now and again, wouldn't you? Well, we've been lucky, and none have—until this morning, which is why I only just heard about the man in British Telecom's futures team who specializes in handling internet fraud: Robin Banks. (reprinted, with permission, from New Scientist Magazine. 25 August, 1998.) (AB)

Barfield, Joe

Joe Barfield, from San Antonio, Texas, used to be a brewer in a local brew pub. (Joe is one of a select group of contributors whose name also appears in the aptonyms list.) He suggests his name is a contraction of "Barley Field". The surname does not appear in Cottle's The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames, but there are entries for Barden, Barford, Barney, Barnes, and Barnfield that indicate links to barley (a principal ingedient of beer). (JB2)

Barksey, Dr.

Contributor BC2 writes "Just discovered your site! We had a vet called Dr. Barkesy (in Surrey, B.C) My father was a PhD: Dr. Illman (I see you have another one). I once heard a person being paged: Mr. Bill Board.

Beach, Reggie

AC, in her oceanography travels, has worked with Dr. Reginald A. Beach, who specializes in coastal dynamics and sediment transport in the surf zone.

Beach, Jason

Jason K. Beach runs the Kannon Beach Surf Shop in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia (JB3) Jeff goes on to say: "I’ve loved your site for years, and one of my very best friends is the Sonia Shears you speak of on your splash page." Thanks Jeff!

Beachley, Layne

GJO says Layne Beachley is a professional surfer from Manly in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She is regarded as the best female professional surfer in history, having won the World Championship for six consecutive years.

Berthalot, Erica

Erica is a nurse at Southwest Mississippi Regional Hospital in McComb, Mississippi. She works in Labor & Delivery.

Bilios, George

CF reports that she "went to med school in Sydney Australia with a guy called George Bilios back in the early 80s. I had always thought his name amusing for a doctor. Dr Bilios is now practising medicine on the Gold Coast."

Bird, David

At present, Dr. David Bird, of McGill University in Montréal, is one of the best known Canadian ornithologists. He is also the editor of a column on birds which appears on Saturdays in The Gazette. (The Gazette, Montréal, June 11, 1998) (AB) [link from LN]

Blacktop, Kevin

AP tells of a Project Manager Kevin Blacktop who installs car parks in UK rail stations.

Blades, Mr.

Avid CBC Radio listener (DP) reports hearing a Mrs. Blades on a phone-in show, talking about her husband, Mr. Blades, who had taken up knife-making. They live in Hatchet Lake, N.S. This prompted an aptonymic conversation among the radio hosts, one of whom recalled seeing an eye specialist named Dr. Eagle.

Blizzard, Sarah

ME writes, "Most famous one here in the East Midlands, UK: Sara Blizzard, the TV weather presenter.

Block, Angel D.

First time contributor Shari Elf wrote to me about the colonic irrigation specialist Angel D. Block, who lives in Kansas City, Kansas. (This arrived a week before Xmas!)

Blood and Gore

"When we were growing up in Ballarat, Victoria (Australia), two local GPs shared a surgery. They were Dr. Blood and Dr. Gore. Hard to authenticate this one, but take my word for it! Dunno if they're stillabout." (MT)

Bloom, Alan

LN came across a renowned family of gardeners in Bressington, Norfolk, England: Alan Bloom and his sons Robert and Adrian.

Bold, Coby

Our Australian spotter TB reports the harrowing tale of a yound lady being assaulted in a train station, ignored by everyone in the rush-hour crowd, only to be rescued by another young lady, Coby Bold.

Book, Cathy

Cathy Book is a bookstore clerk. (Frank Nuessel, The Study of Names, Greenwood Press, 1992, p. 42) (AB)

Boring, Mr

NF writes, "When I used to teach at Garden City (NY) High School, a fellow English teacher was named Mr. Boring. He used to tell his students it was pronounced 'Booring', but you know how high school kids are."

Brain, Russel

LS reports two British neurologists: Dr. Russell Brain, author of Brain's Diseases of the Nervous System (Oxford University Press, 1933), and Dr. Henry Head, past editor of Brain, a medical journal.

Brown, Bob

GJO submits this anti-aptonym. Bob Brown is the leader of the Australian Greens political party!

Brown, Matt

Spotted by eagle-eyed TB in Sydney, Australia: a greengrocer's called Brown's Greens; also Fry's Meats in Adelaide.

Bullock, John

John Bullock was the spokesman for the Meat and Livestock Commission in Australia, according to a newspaper article by Duncan Bone and reported to us by TB.

Burns, Peter

Peter Burns is former CEO of ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency): http://www.arpansa.gov.au/search/search.cfm?collection=agencies&profile=arpansa&query=Peter+Burns&p=1&x=0&y=0

Doctor Bush

In Geneva, Illinois, there is a gynecologist named Doctor Bush. (LM)

Butts, Dr. Charles

At one time, Dr. Charles Butts was the spokesman for Smoke-Free Nova Scotia, a clean air and anti-smoking lobby. (DC)